LANDON | Lead Photographer

Hi, I’m Landon. I’ve had about four or five different websites in the last eight years of business and that means I’ve had to write that many bios. Let’s face it having to write about yourself is the worst (at least I think so). I would much rather just let the photos speak for themselves but I understand why it’s important for couples to get to know who they are hiring when it comes to their wedding photography - especially since the photographer will be with you the most throughout the day.


So here is a little about me… I have a lovely wife Jacquelyn, who is a sweetheart and works with sweets for a living at The Hershey Company. We have two ridiculous cats, who are named after Pixar movie characters, Sulley & Shark Bait (Ooohhaha). Speaking of sharks, I’m borderline obsessed. Same with tacos - I CANNOT pass up ordering pork tacos! I'm also a huge fan of street art and traveling as much as possible- New Zealand and Amsterdam have been two of my favorite destinations.


Now that you know a little more about me, I highly value the trust my couples put in me to artistically tell their story. Every year I grow to love what I do even more and I continue to try new things and expand my technical skill. So thank you for checking out my work. If you love what you see click over to my contact page and shoot me a message!

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Emil | Second Shooter

Hello I’m Emil (which is pronounced Eh-meal, ya know like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.) Once upon a time, I was just a photographer running a studio specializing in fashion-inspired senior portraits, with a pretty loyal commitment to “never shooting a wedding”. But then, I made a new friend named, Landon Wise who managed to suck me into being his second shooter for “just this one time” with his nice-guy charm. So here I am, 35 weddings later, getting an official bio and second-shooter title on his website.


On your wedding day, you can expect me to make pretty pictures right alongside Landon, while also making sure that you have everything you need to feel amazing and comfortable in front of both of our lenses. From fixing trains to making sure there’s no lipstick on your teeth, to giving you tissues when those tears start to flow, to fixing fly-aways, to being able to laugh along at all those groomsmen antics; he and I work together to give you awesome wedding day coverage that goes beyond just snapping the shutter on our cameras.